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About Us

The first question people ask is “how did you get into Miniature Donkeys or Why Miniature Donkeys?” After having enjoyed my Arabian and Half-Arabian horses for many years, both in the show ring and on trail rides, it did seem like an unusual change to Mini Donkeys. Well, a neighbor had a couple of Mini Donkeys and wanted to acquire more for her breeding program. She asked us to accompany her to various farms to help choose good quality animals.

After several trips and meeting some fine people who were so enjoying their animals, we also discovered how loving and sweet these little guys are. On a trip to the Bay area, not only did we help our friend search for her breeding stock, but we fell in love with an 8-month old dark brown jack foal named Foxtail Farm’s Elvis.

He had the biggest pompadour and the nicest dished face (like an Arabian!) that we found ourselves asking what was involved in purchasing him and starting our own Miniature Breeding farm. Shortly thereafter, Elvis joined us and we began learning and studying all the information we could find on Miniature Donkeys. We showed Elvis in his first show, and our first donkey show ever, as a yearling in Santa Rosa. That was just the beginning of his show career that has spanned almost 20 years. Please check out some of Elvis’ show career awards and photos.